A team of CNRS 6015/INSERM 1083

mitolab.eu replaces lbbma.univ-angers.fr

After nearly ten years of loyal service, the website of the Laboratoire de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire d’Angers (LBBMA, lbbma.univ-angers.fr) has been replaced by mitolab.eu.

The Mitolab team comes from the historical INSERM EMI 00.18 team, which later became the INSERM U694. In 2010, Mitolab joined the Department of Integrated Neurovascular and Mitochondrial Biology, CNRS 6214/INSERM 1083, headed by Dr. Daniel Henrion.

The old website had become obsolete. It was time to create a new site up to date to reflect the dynamic and the international collaborations of Mitolab. This is now done!

Requests to the old URL lbbma.univ-angers.fr are now redirected to mitolab.eu. Relevant pages have been preserved and outdated content has been deleted. Unfortunately, some sections of the site, requiring too much work, have not been maintained. Thus, the pages of our teachings are no longer available, but we can always be reached for it.

The eOPA1 database, which is widely used, is of course still available. The website mitodyn.org is now dedicated to it.